Risk and Fraud Prevention:

emexpay can help highlight possible potential risk and allow you to benefit from our years of experience and create the correct fraud prevention tools for your payment acceptance. Our tools allow you to tackle all of the major risks.

Country and IP check

Knowing the country from which the credit card or transaction originates plays an important part in detecting possible fraud. Create rules that will reject payments originating from an undesired country The following options are available here:

Velocity Checks

This means you can set transaction limits by defining time against parameters such as card number or IP address. A number of different options can be selected.


At emexpay, you can update your own blacklist after a bad experience with a customer and use this in association with our own which is generated using the major lists suppled to the industry and law enforcement lists.

Address and credit check

emexpay connects with industry leader MaxMind to run address and credit check on cards held by individuals or companies.

3-D Secure protocol

Using the 3-D Secure protocol which is Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, gives you the peace of mind that your customer really is the registered card holder. This also helps by removing the liability of card misuse from you to the card issuer.

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